Update Overview: “Uploading Selectives” and “Daily Limits”

Uploading of selectives as a CSV file is now available

This tool will eliminate the need to manually set selectives on each platform. By automating the process  with the help of uploading a shared file, you will significantly save your time and nerves.

Instructions for use:

  1. Evaluate the quality of platforms with the tracker
  2. Create a CSV file with the required selectives
  3. Upload this file using the button in your account into the current campaign or when creating a new one. Thus you no longer need to wait for statistics to set the selectives. 

Daily limits have also been added

This allows you to set not only general limits for a campaign and an ad, but also adjust them every day. 

This way, you no longer need to monitor the expenditure manually by regularly stopping and launching a teaser. The system will do everything itself: stop a campaign before the specified limit is exceeded and launch it next day in accordance with the set display schedule. 

Important: new tools are available for any GEO.

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