Release of updates that increase profit and save time

Great news, guys! We have updated an advertiser’s account, and you can test new features right now. We are telling what was added. 

Possibility of Including/Excluding Targeting

Set up targeting so that you can target the desired audience and completely exclude the unwanted one. To do this, add categories that should be ignored to exceptions.

For example: for advertising campaign in Indonesia we include traffic from showcases and take into account only mobile devices with Android operating system and Chrome browser. Exclude English.

What do we get ? Budget economy by reducing irrelevant impressions and clicks. 

Coverage Forecast Depending On the Selected Targeting

Now, after setting up an advertising campaign you see the predicted audience volume.

By changing settings you get updated values in the forecast, which means you can plan advertising and its results more efficiently.

Time Targeting

We added a flexible and convenient selection of ad display schedule. Select the hours for running the campaign and any day of the week, the system will make sure that your campaign starts and stops according to schedule.

No more manual work, everything on auto!

Showcase of Volumes 

At the start it is now possible to sort traffic volumes by age rating, content type (news/product), platform (mobile/desktop) and browser language.

Use these filters to estimate the volumes and select those that meet your requirements. With the help of this tool you can compare the indicators

  • by traffic volumes on different GEOs,
  • by number of impressions,
  • by number of clicks,
  • by recommended cost per click.

Now Let’s Summarize 

  • New features will not only improve purchasing efficiency, but also competently plan volumes and indicators. Automation of routine processes will save your time and money.
  • We continue to improve your personal account, creating for you both a comfortable workspace and the ability to purchase traffic effectively. Follow our updates and be the first to test the functionality. Any ideas on what other tools could be added? Be sure to share them through the Manager.
  • Not sure you’ve got all the features figured out? Contact support, and specialists will definitely answer your questions.
  • Remember that new targeting features are a strong competitive advantage. Go to your personal account right now and buy traffic on the most favorable terms!

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