Now Audience Segments are Available to All Users

Following the Contextual Segments and Targeting by Operator, we are introducing the following feature for targeted traffic purchasing. Audience segments make it possible to set up and optimize advertising campaigns quickly and, what’s more important, effectively.

First, let’s mark the fundamental difference.

Contextual segment is a list of sites, grouped by common features.

Audience Data is a list of users, grouped by common features.

In other words, with the help of “audience” segment you can choose TO WHOM display, and with the help of the “contextual” segment – WHERE.

If you simultaneoulsy select 2 categories of segments, the rules formulated for constructing segments intersect (according to the “AND” principle). By selecting a couple of segments from the audience data, you will display ads only to the users who belong to both the first and the second segment (the user must be interested in BOTH health AND vacation travel to make us interact with him).

By selecting a segment from «audience data» and «contextual segment», you will display ads only to the users with certain  interests and on certain categories of sites (the user is interested in auto AND is on a site with male audience.

Our recommendation is not to set a large number of intersections at the start of a campaign, as this will most likely lead to insufficient volumes of purchase to make a conclusion about efficiency.

Also, pay attention to conflicting categories of segments, for example, if you simultaneously select the 18-24 age group in the “Audience Data” and in the “Contextual Segments” of sites with high audience share 55+, campaigns will most 

likely be launched at a critically low pace.

The functionality works for the audience of Russia and CIS countries. It is available in your personal account in 2 variations:

  • By socio-demographic feature (socdem). An ideal choice when working with news and products of a specific category. 

Important: gender indication will work well while purchasing from the showcase, worse – on the websites.

  • By topic/ad content. This target takes into account past audience interactions with advertising materials, thus determining long-term interest. 

Important: selection of this option will certainly reduce coverage, but significantly increase CTR.

Pay particular attention

1. The feature of volumes forecast does not count the selection of both contextual and audience segments.  At the moment, while setting up the campaign and selecting one of the functions you will not see any changes in the coverage forecast. We are actively working on the new release, that will fix this.

2. If your advertising campaign shows good results, then using one of already-made segments can significantly reduce the volume of purchased traffic.

Still have questions? Managers will definitely answer them🙌

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